Local business Inspector Homes LLC logo designed by Sign Pro showing off their logo design in La Crosse, Wisconsin

Logo Design: The Key to Building a Strong Brand Identity 

A business logo is one of the most powerful elements of a brand. Logos are strategically designed to promote brand recall and recognition through the use of color, font, lines, shapes, negative space, and overall layout. A logo gives your brand personality, purpose, and professionalism. When designing your logo there are some important design strategies to keep in mind.  

A good logo communicates brand values specific to your brand. By using different design strategies your brand can communicate creativity, passion, reliability, roughness, security, fun, and more. For example, logos that use green are often connected to brands that value peace and renewal. Big brands like Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Spotify all utilize this green color strategy in their logo design, in turn, enhancing their brand image.  

Don’t overlook the value of design elements for your brand! 

Your brand’s logo should remain consistent in every medium it’s being used. This is necessary for the logo to serve as a symbol for brand recognition and recall. If the logo is being changed and skewed for different platforms, people will have a hard time remembering your brand and connecting it to your logo. To make a logo versatile on multiple platforms, a logo must be effective when big or small. Too much text can be hard to recognize when small and a sloppy design can be ineffective when big. 

Take the time to consider your logo’s effectiveness based on different sizes and mediums. 

Logo design is a great way to differentiate your brand from competitors. Memorable logos are achieved through a unique design that challenges industry standards. When brainstorming memorable logo designs, it’s important to remember that less is often more. Eye-catching design is important, but the design must also be relevant to your brand. For example, you could design a super fun and creative logo with big colorful bubble letters that is sure to be memorable, but if the logo was for something like an investment firm it wouldn’t be relevant and might tarnish the brand identity.  

Find a healthy medium between memorability and relevance for your logo design. 

Logos aren’t something that you should plan on changing, which is why it’s so important for your design to be timeless. Try and ignore design trends that may go out of style and opt for long-term designs that will pass the test of time. If you have to rebrand your logo, it will confuse your market and make it harder for people to recognize and recall your brand.  

Consider how your logo design might be perceived in the future. Will it pass the test of time? 

The trust and personality instilled in a logo cannot be overstated. The strategy and design are necessary to create a good logo are closer than you think. At Sign Pro in La Crosse, Wisconsin, we design logos for small and medium-sized businesses in the area. We specialize in eye-catching designs, colors that capture attention, and logos people will remember. Stop by your local logo pros at Sign Pro located at 1452 Rose Street in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Enhance your brand image with Sign Pro’s custom logo design today!