Logo Design: The Key to Building a Strong Brand Identity 

Local business Inspector Homes LLC logo designed by Sign Pro showing off their logo design in La Crosse, Wisconsin

The Power of Logo Design  A business logo is one of the most powerful elements of a brand. Logos are strategically designed to promote brand recall and recognition through the use of color, font, lines, shapes, negative space, and overall layout. A logo gives your brand personality, purpose, and professionalism. When designing your logo there […]

5 Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching Tradeshow Display 

A tradeshow display designed by Sign Pro for Scrusher shows off the 5 tips for an eye-catching display.

Trade Show Essentials  Tradeshows are a great place to promote your business and brand. Not only do tradeshows attract potential business, but also potential competition. To stand out in the crowd, your tradeshow display needs to be eye-catching and compelling. At Sign Pro in La Crosse, Wisconsin we understand how busy local business owners can […]

ADA Compliance in Signage: Ensuring Accessibility for All 

ADA compliant sign that was made for a computer technologist

The Importance of ADA Compliance  The power of signage for businesses to enhance brand visibility and create lasting impressions on customers cannot be understated. However, have you considered whether your signage meets all of your customer’s needs? When it comes to creating signage, one aspect that businesses often overlook is ADA compliance.   The Americans with […]

Interior Signage: Enhancing Your Customer Experience

The UW-L wall of fame demonstrates the power of interior signage

Have you ever paused for a moment to consider the power of interior signage and what a massive role it plays in your customer experience? Perhaps you have not given much thought to all those nifty little signs that lead you to the restroom, or the cereal aisle or point you in the direction of […]

Exterior Signage: Your First Chance to Build Your Company’s Brand

View of the Pettibone Pointe Sign in La Crosse, WI which emphasizes the opportunity for signage to build your brand identity.

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, establishing a strong brand identity is critical for success. One often overlooked aspect of brand building is exterior signage. Your company’s custom business sign serves as the first point of contact for potential customers, making it invaluable for creating a lasting impression. Working with a reputable signage company can […]

From Hull to Stern: The Complete Guide to Boat Lettering

View of a shabby boat with spray painted letters emphazing the need for professional boat lettering design and installation

Ahoy to style and personality, boat lettering season is upon us! Since Wisconsin regulations require motorized vessels and boats, including trolling motors and sailboats greater than 12 feet, to be registered, you already need to plan for a decal on your boat. Why not seas the day and declare your individuality by getting custom-designed boat […]

Vehicle Graphics and Wraps: A Mobile Marketing Solution

Picture of a Sign Pro vehicle wrap demonstrating the importance of vehicle graphics and wraps for effectively marketing your business.

Vehicle graphics and wraps are a cost-effective way to build your brand and reach a larger target audience. They can be used to advertise your products and services, and even generate leads and website traffic.  Discover the many benefits as well as learn how to choose the right one for your business. Also, learn tips […]

The Psychology of Color in Signage: How Sign Pro Leverages Color Psychology for Your Brand  

Blue, yellow, white logo representing the importance of color psychology in branding

Psychology of Color At Sign Pro, we unlock the power of color to create visual designs that affect human behavior, emotions, and decision-making. Through understanding color psychology, we design logos that generate brand recognition, build trust, and ultimately increase sales for your business. Read more to understand how color influences your audience and get real […]